Scäm Luiz





I don`t want it
Nimm Dies
Keep on running
Life vest
Poetry album
Little pain
I want it all
Wild tale
It`s alright
Can you feel it
Message of love
Little thing 1st demo
Wock`n`woll 1st demo
You`re alone 1st demo
Me no sabe 1st demo
Nimm Dies 1st demo
Break it down 1st demo
Fuck that shit 1st demo
Bang R
Insane R
Balladikum R
Skat Piece R
Don`t go R
Mona R
Sell your soul K
Prayin K
Just say it K
How long K
Here we go again K
Insane Ko
The bible Demo R
Mahaman Demo R
Don`t go Ko
King of Rock`n`Roll Demo R
Do you still love me Demo R
Tear drops Demo R
You Demo R
Bang Ko
Fire Demo R
Talk with someone Demo R
Mona Ko